Adagio at Rodeo Beach

A crisp, blustery summer afternoon on Rodeo Beach, whose soaring bluffs and craggy coastline complement the majestic melancholy of Julian Lloyd Webber’s interpretation of Bach’s Air on a G String. Yes, it was a challenge not to fall over as the sand shifted under my feet on the sloping beach, the baby crabs scurried around my toes, the wind blew the iPod earpiece out of my ear, and a passing German shepherd threatened to transform the serene adagio into a high-speed chase. But it was a nice change from the studio.
This is the adagio we have been learning in Beginning Ballet for the past few weeks. Focus is on 3 body directions – croisé devant, écarté, and effacé – with 2 counts to stretch into the tendu in each direction from plié each time.
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4 thoughts on “Adagio at Rodeo Beach

  1. This video is beautiful! I can’t wait to practice it.

    … but the comment about the German shepherd left me in stitches from laughing so hard! 🙂

  2. Wow, Carla. What a beautiful video. You are your own best advertisement. I hope you plan on putting together a how-to video series for those of us logistically unable to attend your class. I will be your first customer!

  3. This is inspiring. Love that you blog. Could you tell me what was the name of the song we danced to in the adult beg ballet last Friday? It’s the song we used to practice pirouettes in the center. There’s a female vocalist — thought it might have been Taylor Swift but can’t seem to find it on Spotify. Would love to know what it was!

    • Hi Alex, If it’s a beautiful waltz, I think you may be talking about the Christina Perri song from Twilight/Breaking Dawn called “A Thousand Years”. If that turns out not to be it, let me know and I’ll go through my various playlists again… Unfortunately I have a feisty cat who likes to walk all over my keyboard while I’m working in iTunes and sometimes wreaks havoc with my playlists. (I swear he once purchased a Jay-Z song when I wasn’t looking… all of a sudden it showed up.)

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