Don't say your dancing days are done…

Tiny handbook of gems from 1925 targeted at ballroom dancers but apropos to ballet dancers

"Don'ts for Dancers" by Karsinova (1925)

Inspirational tidbit from this hilarious 1925 handbook: “Don’t say your dancing days are done. Your dancing days are never done until you are confined to a bath chair for exercise. If you can walk to the office in the morning and play a game of golf on Sundays, there is no reason why you shouldn’t foot it with the best every night of the week. A man is only as old as he feels, and, under proper conditions, dancing is such a wonderful rejuvenator that there is no reason why anyone should feel old at all. Moreover, don’t forget that dance is a splendid anti-fat. It will cure that middle-aged spread you are getting so alarmed about.”

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