The Firebird Tweets (Part One)

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2 thoughts on “The Firebird Tweets (Part One)

  1. Love this! The last ballet I ever danced in was Firebird at Pacific NW Ballet. I was one of the “monsters” in a fabulous sea-green unitard. I believe Ariana Lallone played the Firebird and was wonderful.

    Also, my mother, who used to see the Ballet Russe whenever she could, actually saw Ms. Karsavina perform!

    • Wow! Do you have a photo of yourself as a monster?

      Do you know Ratmansky has done away with the monsters altogether? He uses the maidens, who behave like drugged monsters at the beck and call of the evil Kaschei. The choreography for the maidens goes from being sweetly pathetic to psychopathic – very scary, but I suppose a representation of how cult leaders can brainwash their captive followers. It’s really a profound psychological innovation in the choreography, and he uses the music brilliantly. Watching the maidens, I was in awe at how they could count the music – it seems so challenging, especially as there is so much unison dancing.

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