Is Beauty Enough, or Do We Need Meaning?

Our review of the Saturday matinee of San Francisco Ballet’s Program 1 in the Huffington Post

San Francisco Ballet in Wayne McGregor’s ‘Borderlands’. (Photo: Erik Tomasson, courtesy San Francisco Ballet)

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One thought on “Is Beauty Enough, or Do We Need Meaning?

  1. IMHO, each of the arts literary, visual and performing has an aspect of the human experience that each expresses best in it’s own form (else, one could argue, there’d be only 1 art form because we wouldn’t need any others)..

    Thus, though Dramatic Opera uses spoken and sung words to express a story, no deep analysis of a situation is ever sung about on stage, instead the lyrics are kept to what is required to feel emotions and moods, that just doesn’t work.

    Similarly, when one stretches the capabilities of the dance form and has to explain that ‘well when I wink my left eye on the downbeat of the 4th bar it expresses all the pain I experienced in my childhood after my father.. blah blah blah..

    It’s just stretching it a bit I think… If you really need to tell a complicated story, a novel might be a better choice of vehicle to get there while taking others along

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