Post:Ballet’s Witty ‘Four Plays’

Ashley Flaner and Domenic Luciano of Post:Ballet in Robert Dekkers' COLOURING (Photo: Tricia Cronin)

Ashley Flaner and Domenico Luciano of Post:Ballet in Robert Dekkers’ COLOURING (Photo: Tricia Cronin)

Post:Ballet’s new San Francisco season at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ Lam Research Theater is entitled Four Plays, a double entendre that suggests we are in for an evening of lighthearted, sexy escapades. On one level that is what we got on opening night. But choreographer Robert Dekkers’ mind is like a bullet train, and as we race to keep up with him we realize his dances are not just landscapes of streamlined bodies making pretty shapes, but also witty social commentary.

Details in our opening night review in the Huffington Post.



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