Ballet and Art

25 FEBRUARY 2013



#ifIhadglass Ballet To The People ( would invite Bay Area dance companies to collaborate on a dance film called Glass Dances, celebrating the oddity, charm and inventiveness of San Francisco and the Bay Area, to be shot at various iconic Bay Area locations.

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13 MARCH 2012

When dancers are physicists

Fouettés rond de jambe en tournant, en dehors.*

*Series of turns propelled by a whipping action of the working leg, turning away from the supporting leg.

See Gail Grant, Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet, p. 57, for step-by-step instructions. (Illustration courtesy of the brilliant…

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Singing the Body Electric: Dance Encounters in New York

Observing ABT dancers in company class on Wednesday, what struck me the most was not the 180-degree turn-out (ubiquitous), nor the extensions (extravagant), nor the pirouettes (I lost count), nor the men’s hands grazing the ceiling light fixtures every time they launched into an assemblé or grand jeté (we’re talking …

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22 AUGUST 2011

Houston, We Have Lift-Off

A ballet dancer is constantly renegotiating her relationship with gravity; we rise on pointe as an expression of our desire to fly. Joie Brown’s beautiful watercolor triptych illustrates two important aspects of a dancer’s technique:

Well-developed arches of the feet, coupled with the ankle mobility needed to position the ankle

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