Ballet and Science

16 JANUARY 2016

The utmost beauty of Wayne McGregor’s Atomos

San Franciscans are partial to art that advertises itself as high-tech, and Wayne McGregor’s Atomos certainly fits that bill – with film clips designed to be viewed with 3D glasses, and costumes (referred to as “interventions”) designed from masses of parametric data produced by sensors stuck to the dancers’ bodies.…

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29 NOVEMBER 2015

The quantum physics of Libertango

Physicist-ballerina Merritt Moore danced her PhD to Astor Piazzolla’s Libertango – a brilliant cascade of metaphors that kicks off with the choice of tango, Moore’s razor-sharp pointework tracing the contours of the Bloch sphere of a two-level quantum mechanical system.

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Dances With Google Glass


Photo: Reuters



In June 2013, Google launched a competition on Twitter, soliciting bids from people interested in beta-testing its latest foray into wearable high tech. Since ‘beta-tester’ conjures up visions of bearded geeks in hoodies glued to their Retina displays, some marketing genius at Google coined the …

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25 FEBRUARY 2013



#ifIhadglass Ballet To The People ( would invite Bay Area dance companies to collaborate on a dance film called Glass Dances, celebrating the oddity, charm and inventiveness of San Francisco and the Bay Area, to be shot at various iconic Bay Area locations.

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