Ballet in non-traditional spaces

25 FEBRUARY 2013



#ifIhadglass Ballet To The People ( would invite Bay Area dance companies to collaborate on a dance film called Glass Dances, celebrating the oddity, charm and inventiveness of San Francisco and the Bay Area, to be shot at various iconic Bay Area locations.

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27 DECEMBER 2011

The Never-Ending Scandal of the Tutu


Cleaning out her closet, Ballet to the People unearthed these exquisite vintage tutus from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. Their tags reveal that they were made by Grace Costumes and Barbara Matera, leading costumers for ballet, theatre, opera and film for over five decades, for renowned ballerinas including …

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12 NOVEMBER 2011

Saluting the Sun God at Machu Picchu

Leah Wellstein pays homage to Balanchine, Stravinsky, the Sun God and those amazing Quechuas. (Photo courtesy of Rachelle Brisebois)

Having just hiked four days through cold and rain, covering 49 kilometres of the Inca Trail from Cuzco through the Andean cloud forest to Machu Picchu, Leah celebrates her arrival at …

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Relevé on the Embarcadero

Some of our favorite things to do on the Embarcadero in San Francisco:

1. Gate-crash the Cowgirl Creamery Experience at the Ferry Building

2. Engage in a lively debate with the protestors who want the bronze statue of Gandhi on the waterfront removed because (they claim) he was a racist …

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29 AUGUST 2011

Arabesque à terre in the eye of a storm

It’s called petit allegro – the swift and agile footwork that enables ballerinas to dodge falling debris during a hurricane.

Ignoring Mayor Bloomberg’s order to stay indoors and watch SYTYCD reruns this weekend, Becky, visiting from England, decides not to let a little hurricane spoil her trip to New York. …

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