Bay Area Dance

5 AUGUST 2017

Mountain Highs at Lake Tahoe Dance Festival

Leigh Donlan reports from Lake Tahoe:

With waves gently lapping just feet from the stage, the Lake Tahoe Dance Collective kicked off the 5th annual outdoor Lake Tahoe Dance Festival on the grounds of Gatekeeper’s Museum in Tahoe City. 

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21 JANUARY 2017

Chasing Shiny Things at San Francisco Ballet’s 84th Season Gala

Ballet galas are typically a smorgasbord of sugary, easily digestible desserts, curated for the short attention spans of the haute coutured set who are in between very important parties. The level of dancing is often variable, since galas are one-night stands and the company is preoccupied with rehearsing more substantive …

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16 DECEMBER 2016

Most memorable moments: Critics Choice 2016

Sure to provoke some heated arguments is the roll call of the most glorious (and most disappointing) moments in dance over the past 12 months, published in Dance Europe’s October issue. Here are a handful of names that made it into Carla’s Critics Choice selections:

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