A Date with the San Francisco Dance Film Festival


From Narcissus to be aired at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival this week (Photo: Francesco Segre)


Like a World Series hitter, a dance critic today must be prepared not only for the customary fastballs and curveballs, but also the dreaded change-up. Ballet to the People is used …

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Dances With Google Glass


Photo: Reuters



In June 2013, Google launched a competition on Twitter, soliciting bids from people interested in beta-testing its latest foray into wearable high tech. Since ‘beta-tester’ conjures up visions of bearded geeks in hoodies glued to their Retina displays, some marketing genius at Google coined the …

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10 JUNE 2014

Captivating New Filipino Cinema 2014 in San Francisco

Midwife Nora Aunor delivers her husband Ping Medina’s baby with Lovi Poe in Brillante Mendoza’s THY WOMB (Photo courtesy Center Stage Productions)


Those who come to the New Filipino Cinema festival at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this week never having seen a Filipino movie are …

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