Straight talk for hip-hop and ballet dudes


Jon B. wrote:

I’m a hip-hop dancer at a studio where ballet is also taught and I’m thinking of joining the beginning ballet class. I have no aspirations in ballet, I just want to be a stronger hip-hop dancer and I think the technique will help me. I noticed …

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14 JANUARY 2014

Can dance teachers demand loyalty?

Addie K. writes:

I teach ballet in a community where there are two other dance studios, both of which have been in business longer than I have. I own my studio and employ two other teachers. I’ve never had a problem with another studio until recently when a teenage student …

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Which Pilates exercises do you recommend for dancers?

Elaine L wrote:


Can you recommend a few Pilates exercises that would be helpful for a ballet dancer? I’m a student and I can’t afford the extra tuition outside dance class but I’ve heard that Pilates can be better for dancers than gym routines and other workouts because it …

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Tips on how to be an inspiring teacher?

Q: From N Jones: Could you give us some tips on how to be an inspiring teacher? How to keep students focused. How to instill discipline among kids in the studio, particularly with older kids who don’t behave properly, who keep chatting in class. Also how to deal with kids …

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