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10 APRIL 2014

How to watch dance

A recent thread on Quora addressed the question: Is there a secret (a “how to”) to listening to classical music?

I have started listening to classical music, I really like it, and I am at a stage where I have a few pieces that I love. But because it is …

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9 APRIL 2014

How to avoid a train wreck in dance class


When you show up to ballet class hung-over, under-caffeinated and in a general fog, and there’s a substitute teacher who throws a brand new grand allegro at you in six sets of eight with multiple pirouettes and every second jump battu, sometimes all you can think about is …

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18 JUNE 2012

A Great Ballerina Speaks Her Mind

Lynn Seymour and Christopher Gable in Kenneth MacMillan's 'Romeo & Juliet'. (Photo: ROH/Roy Round.)

Creativity and the creative process have always been a chaotic, troublesome, gloriously messy business, and creative people are very often quite a handful. It’s not difficult to see why it might seem easier for ballet companies

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