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21 JULY 2011

Cambré on the streets of San Francisco

The irrepressible Vicki Mach demonstrates cambré derrière


A streetwise ballerina like Vicki puts urban architecture to good use, supporting her cambré derrière (backward arch) on a stanchion.

Doing a supported stretch like this is a good reminder that when we stand up and do the cambré unsupported, we should …

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20 JULY 2011

Ecarté in Vegas

Christine takes a break from playing Texas Hold ‘Em and sunning herself poolside to demonstrate the écarté, one of the eight body positions in ballet.

The body faces one of the downstage corners and the leg is extended à la seconde, or to the side, in the direction …

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20 JULY 2011

Jambe à la barre in Hong Kong

Allegra and Paloma demonstrate a classic ballet stretch on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, after walking the 3.5 km around Lugard Road.

In this position we work on rotating the lifted leg in the hip socket, engaging our maximum turnout. Our weight is centred over the standing leg, and we …

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21 JUNE 2011

Start with a plié

Antonia, Virgil and Gayla attempt the most difficult step in the ballet canon.

We start with plié at the barre not just because it underpins all movement in ballet, but because it happens to be one of the most efficient ways to warm up the entire body. It is …

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