Dancing Elsewhere on the Web

DanceBeat – Respected dance critic Deborah Jowitt’s thoughtful commentary on the current dance scene.

Dance Dialogue – Penetrating analyses of events in the dance world and of issues affecting dancers today, by a professional dancer.

Adult Beginner – A unique voice in the dance blogosphere. Funny. Moving. Addictive.

Dave Tries Ballet – A mathematician takes up ballet and records his journey with wide-eyed candour and warmth.

Tights and Tiaras – A professional male ballet dancer with a wry sense of humour offers helpful tips for dance students and ballet lovers, as well as insights into life as a dancer.

Tendus Under a Palm Tree – A Miami City Ballet dancer sheds light on Balanchine and much more, and shares her fascinating behind-the-scenes videos of Miami City Ballet dancers at work.

Tutus and Tea – Hands down the most gorgeous ballet site, featuring luscious photos and recipes by an American dancer formerly with the Royal Danish Ballet, now with Boston Ballet.

Entartete Musik – Handsome journal of a critic and lecturer on music and the arts.

Some Assemblé Required – Witty and engaging commentary by a young art student wrestling with ballet as an adult beginner.

Lisa W. Rosenberg – Frank reflections of a ballerina turned shrink and soon-to-be novelist. Thoughtful, heartfelt, and unfailingly absorbing.

You Dance Funny – Often hilarious, occasionally irreverent, always illuminating commentary on the Seattle dance scene and on the writer’s own saga as a ballet student.

Jamie Benson – Performer. Teacher. Choreographer. Entertaining and offbeat. Surfing his blog is like having that 4th double espresso.

AdriaBalletBeat – Gentle, elegant musings on dance by a lifelong dance enthusiast, archivist and social media diva for the Antony Tudor Ballet Trust.

Dance Advantage – One-stop shop for everything a dance student or dance teacher might need, including many informative articles on technique and training.

4Dancers – Interviews, reviews, product information, and resource-rich articles on a wide range of dance-related topics by a stable of contributors.