SFB Students on Parade, and a Sneak Peek at a Summer of Dance

It seems there is no stopping the juggernaut of bad taste at the money-spinning dance competitions, which are putting younger and younger students on display. Lack of artistry is no barrier as long as a kid can do five pirouettes, kick their leg up to their ear, and shell out …


Two much-loved ballerinas mark a milestone at ABT

Ballet to the People had the pleasure of hanging out in the rehearsal studio, watching two principal ballerinas prepare for a very busy spring season at the Met. Both were marking their 20th anniversary with American Ballet Theatre. They also happen to be besties, though their journey to the pinnacle …

5 AUGUST 2016

Do Be, An Enchanted Evening from Post:Ballet & The Living Earth Show

Leigh Donlan reports from Z Space:

An enchanting, surreal and achingly human evening was delivered last night by Post:Ballet in a collaboration between the company’s founding artistic director Robert Dekkers and the musical duo known as The Living Earth Show.