5 AUGUST 2017

Mountain Highs at Lake Tahoe Dance Festival

Leigh Donlan reports from Lake Tahoe:

With waves gently lapping just feet from the stage, the Lake Tahoe Dance Collective kicked off the 5th annual outdoor Lake Tahoe Dance Festival on the grounds of Gatekeeper’s Museum in Tahoe City. …

28 APRIL 2017

Debut ballet novel: Girl Through Glass Burns Bright

Leigh Donlan reviews:

It has been said that we are only as sick as our secrets. The wounded must relive the trauma on the path to healing. Sari Wilson’s debut novel, Girl Through Glass, is this kind of psychological journey against the backdrop of the rarefied world of ballet.…

21 JANUARY 2017

Chasing Shiny Things at San Francisco Ballet’s 84th Season Gala

Ballet galas are typically a smorgasbord of sugary, easily digestible desserts, curated for the short attention spans of the haute coutured set who are in between very important parties. The level of dancing is often variable, since galas are one-night stands and the company is preoccupied with rehearsing more substantive …

17 JANUARY 2017

Giving Away 2 Free Copies of The Chosen Maiden!

Check out Leigh’s review (here) of this new novel by Eva Stachniak on the life of Bronislava Nijinska, and leave a comment under the review before Feb. 1, 2017, telling us your favorite recollection of a work by Nijinska (a restaging, revival, film clip, photo, etc.) Then, if …