Sophie Martin as Stella and Tama Barry as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire. Photograph by Andrew Ross.
10 MAY 2015

A steamy Streetcar Named Desire from Scottish Ballet splashed down in Chicago

They almost had to hose down the audience at intermission of Scottish Ballet’s A Streetcar Named Desire at the Harris Theater in Chicago on Thursday night. Erik Cavallari’s Stanley had just had make-up sex with Sophie Martin’s Stella, and choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s imaginative way with the erotic pas de

Relief by Charles Slender-White for FACT/SF opens on May 7th at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco (Photo: Robbie Sweeny)
10 MAY 2015

FACT/SF brings Relief to San Francisco’s Joe Goode Annex

It’s no use trying to guess what Charles Slender-White will come up with next. Since its founding in 2008, his agile contemporary dance troupe, FACT/SF, has defied pigeon-holing. “Maddening” and “thought-provoking” are words that crop up often, both in reference to his dance theatre pieces and his more abstract work.…

2 MAY 2015

San Francisco Ballet revives Tomasson’s Romeo and Juliet

Helgi Tomasson’s Romeo and Juliet made a comeback at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House last night, buoyed by a vivid and sensitive performance of the Prokofiev score by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, under the electrifying baton of Martin West.…

Hyoseung Ye in TRACES (Photo: Keith Hiro)
1 MAY 2015

Sleepless in Hong Kong

Something had to give if you found yourself in Hong Kong in March – and that something was sleep. With the Hong Kong Arts Festival in full swing, and Art Basel and Art Central just the tip of the contemporary art iceberg, locals and visitors alike embarked on an arts …