Two much-loved ballerinas mark a milestone at ABT

Ballet to the People had the pleasure of hanging out in the rehearsal studio, watching two principal ballerinas prepare for a very busy spring season at the Met. Both were marking their 20th anniversary with American Ballet Theatre. They also happen to be besties, though their journey to the pinnacle …

Rachel Coats with Andy Meyerson of The Living Earth Show and the dancers of Post:Ballet in Do Be (Double Happiness) (Photo: Natalia Perez)
5 AUGUST 2016

Do Be, An Enchanted Evening from Post:Ballet & The Living Earth Show

Leigh Donlan reports from Z Space:

An enchanting, surreal and achingly human evening was delivered last night by Post:Ballet in a collaboration between the company’s founding artistic director Robert Dekkers and the musical duo known as The Living Earth Show.

Artist's Compass Cover Image
21 MAY 2016

‘The Artist’s Compass': Making a Life in the Performing Arts

In years past, there were many large companies willing to invest in the development of young artists with talent, but those are fast disappearing… The incubators for developing artists may be largely gone, but so are the gatekeepers, which means that anyone can create their own opportunities if they’re clever