‘In California’: Obsessed by a Ballerina

Ballerina Mathilde Froustey should be flying high. In 2013, she fled the inhospitable Paris Opera Ballet for the warmer, welcoming climes of the San Francisco Ballet, which has showered her with the title of Principal Dancer and the leading roles she has worked so hard for.

Mathilde Froustey in Serge Lifar's SUITE EN BLANC (Photo: Erik Tomasson)

Mathilde Froustey in Serge Lifar’s SUITE EN BLANC (Photo: Erik Tomasson)

Photo: Julien Benhamou

Photo: Julien Benhamou

So the Froustey who confronts us in her boyfriend Charles Redon’s new documentary – filmed over a period of five years in France and California – comes as a shock. Click here to read my review for KQED Arts.


Mathilde Froustey and Charles Redon in Redon’s film ‘In California’ which aired at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival in June 2016

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  1. There is something terribly terribly wrong with the promotions scheme in POB. Millepied tried reforms but the traditionalistes were against him from the departure, it was hopeless. Mathilde has been very much loved in Paris though some fans worried that she was too fragile. Now it looks like she has been taken advantage of. A very sad and troubling story.

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